Partner organization: VIKSAT, Nehru Foundation for Development, Centre for Environment
Education (CEE), (Association organization: Niswarth Children Foundation)

Initiating a process leading to behaviour change in society and transformation of village, through projects with following broad objectives:

  1.  Prepare model village development plans for the selected 6 villages
  2.  Zero waste management plan for two project villages
  3. Create pilot of select technologies like RWH and improving existing school infrastructure facilities in the government primary schools of the project villages, as entry point activities.
  4.  Provide inputs for improving the quality of the school education through tools, techniques and strategies to empower educational functionaries for effective quality education.
  5. Creating multiple levels of engagement amongst community champions in schools and villages for improving Water and Sanitation infrastructure of the villages

WIN supported for the following deliverables:

Target Area : 5 villages in Bavla District & 1 in Kheda district

  •  Community Need Assessment for Village Development Plan
  •  Technical survey of villages
  •  Preparation of Village WATSAN Plans, feasibility reports
  •  Preparation of school development micro-plans
  •  Roof Rain Water Harvesting in Schools with rain water storage filtering and storage structures, and additional bore water recharge in 2 schools. In many schools the rain water storage tanks
    were designed to also serve as stage for school events.
  •  Dissemination & Awareness on WATSAN
  •  Capacity building of Students and teachers on WATSAN
  •  Improving the School Environment in school in each village
  •  Zero Solid Waste Management in 2 villages
  • Outreach activities at amongst community champions in schools and villages, at multiple levels, for empowerment and support for improving Water and Sanitation infrastructure of the villages.
  •  Monitoring, maintenance and evaluation guidelines for schools and villages to maintain the infrastructure created and get optimum benefits from these.

About Viksat, Nehru Foundation for Development and Project Leaders

Project Leader/s : Mr.Dilip Surkar, Director, Viksat, Nehru Foundation and Executive Director, Vikram A Sarabhai Community Science Centre, Ahmedabad Mr. Ravindra Wagh, M.Tech (SWCE), Programme Coordinator,ViKSAT, Nehru Foundation for Development.

VIKSAT was set up in the year 1977 as an activity of the Nehru Foundation for Development (NFD) to take proactive steps to conserve the environment and to promote sustainable development
through promoting sustainable institutions and interaction among them. The Nehru Foundation for Development (NFD) runs large number of projects and programmes in the fields of Science,
Mathematics, Environment, Health and Nutrition. Its programmes reflect the development priorities of the country.

For more details, visit VIKSAT website.

Niswarth Children Foundation :

Niswarth means “selfless” and that is organization’s core philosophy. Niswarth want to create a
world where children have the opportunity to feed their minds while nourishing their souls. All school
children need to have the building blocks they need to improve their lives and ultimately pursue their

For more details, visit the NCF website

Further Information

  1. Final Project Presentation (click here)
  2. RRWH Manual developed by Viksat (click here)
  3. Kanotar School development plan layout (click here)