Partner organization : School of Environmental Science, IIT, Kharagpur

Project Leader/s : Prof. M M  Ghangrekar, Prof. B K Dubey, IIT Kharagpur

Objective :

Setup a plant

  • Which will take the output of the sewage treatment plant at IIT-Kgp campus (effluent characteristics: of COD of 70 – 100 mg/l and BOD of 30 – 50 mg/l. ) and
  • Convert it to potable level water through a multi-stage process which will pilot alternate low-cost technologies.
  • Large scale solution for water recycling
  • Using alternate low-cost technologies other than RO.

WIN is supporting this project for the following deliverables:

  • Solutions for post treatment of UASB effluent to produce potable quality treated water
  • Construction and operational guidelines of the plant

Performance indicators:

  • Plant performance in terms of cost/l of water
  • Recovery and waste percentage
  • Preparation of operation and maintenance guide and training module based on national skill qualification framework levels

About  : Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and  Project Leaders 

Project Leader/s:

Prof. Makarand M Ghangrekar , Ph.D (IIT Bombay),Professor, Civil Engineering,  Head of School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Professor-in-Charge of Aditya Choubey Center for Re-Water Research, Head of P.K Sinha Centre for Bioenergy and Renewables. Prof M M Ghangrekar joined the Institute in 2004

Prof. Brajesh Kumar Dubey, Ph.D., University of Florida, Associate Professor,  Civil Engineering, P.K. Sinha Centre for Bioenergy and Renewables. Prof.Dubey joined the institute in 2015 

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, fondly referred to as IITKGP by its kin, right from its inception formed the bridge between India’s ancient wisdom and modern technology. From the inspiration of the tree of knowledge to the motto of yoga results in perfect action, IITKGP echoes Indian ethos of enlightenment. On the other hand, the inspiration was the model of education imparted at institutions like MIT with eminent faculty from Europe who joined the Institute in its formative years.

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Further Information:

  1. Project  presentation (click here)