Development of Low cost, socially acceptable, easy to use, gravity driven and non-electric point of use (POU) water purifier for water disinfection using Surface Engineered Particle (SEP) technology. This provides effective disinfection at low cost and using very low amounts of any additives like silver-nano particles.


  • Develop a working prototype of SEP+ based point-of-use water filter and complete required lab scale experiments
  • Develop 50 prototypes of the proposed water filter and deploy in the field with users.
  • Analyze data from the field and finalize the product with cost analysis which can be directly deployable to remove pathogen from drinking water
  • Characteristics superior to those already present in the market.
  • Develop preliminary business plan for a venture for taking this to a social impact market.

WIN support is to develop the prototype and its deployment with  potential users. After a critical analysis of the field data, the final improvement will be incorporated to convert the prototype to a deployable commercial product. As the product is low-cost and it does not require any electricity, the developed product can be used as a point-of-use water filter in the rural area or slum areas in the city including the schools and hospitals in the remote areas. The product can also be useful in the flood-hit area where electricity and clean drinking water is major crisis.

About :

Principal Investigator : Dr. Chinmay Ghoroi, PhD , B.S. Gelot Chair Professor of Chemical Engineering Associate Dean (Campus Management), Coordinator of Centre for Safety Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar 

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Further Information:

  1. PoU Water Disinfection – Presentation (click to open)