WIN Innovative Product Market Validation Support Program

WIN, under its “WIN Innovative Product Market Validation Support Program”,  supports startups with social impact products, in their critical product prototype ->trial -> refinement stage and market validation with actual user communities, through  NGO partners who are in close touch with target communities. This is to achieve the twin objectives of

(i) enabling the communities to try innovative products which can lead to improvement of their quality of life and

(ii) enabling the startups to get critical inputs on product and market. We have received very good response from both start-ups and community partners.

We have received very good response from both start-ups and community partners. From the 1st round, we have already supported following Innovations, with more discussions in the pipeline.

  • Low Cost and Field usable Water and Soil Testing Kits by Foundation for Environmental Monitoring (FFEM), Bangalore. Founder: Mr. Samuel Rajkumar

Supporting Community Partner : Arid Communities and Technologies, Trial location : Kutch Dist.

Product:  Soil tests enable estimation of the concentration of nutrients, in order to determine fertilizer recommendations in agriculture. Water quality testing is critical for determining suitability for various uses. These kits are usable by farmers and field workers, and provide instant results to enable timely corrective action.

Note by Community Partner : ACT-Note-May2020 (click here)

  • Borewell water level sensors  by CFar Sensors India Pvt.Ltd., Bangalore, Founder: Mr.Craig Desouza

Supporting Community Partner : Arid Communities and Technologies, Trial location: Kutch Dist, 

Product:  The product enables farmers, businesses and regulating bodies, the ability to monitor the level of water in tanks, borewells and dugwells, at low cost, and also remotely control the operation of pumps if required. The piezoelectric sensor, lowered to the bottom of the borewell, transmits changes in water level to a cloud server, through a gsm modem.

Note by Community Partner – ACT-Note-May2020 (click here)

  • Smart Retrofit Toilet Kit  by Oston Technology, Jaipur, Founder: Mr.Kumar Kalika

Supporting Community Partner : Mahila Housing Sewa Trust (MHT), Trial location – Jaipur, Amalner & Ranchi. 

Product : specially designed wall mounted foldable commode, with adjustable height, that could be attached to any toilet to be accessible for disabled and osteoarthritis patients, thus increasing toilet usage with better hygiene among disabled within the poor communities.

  •  Soil and Weather Monitoring Stations by Proximal Soilsens Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, Founder: Dr. Rajul Patkar

Supporting Community Partner : Arid Communities and Technologies,Trial location: Kutch Dist

Product: Soilsens has designed Soil moisture and Weather sensing stations, at a considerably reduced cost, with capability to transmit data to cloud through a GSM modem. They can provide raw data plus advisory, in a dynamic manner, and enable farmers to provide inputs in an optimum and timely manner and maximize output. Such data over time collected from many locations, will also enable machine learning based advisories and enable farmers to practice smart agriculture.

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