Partner organization : IIT Gandhinagar 

Project Leader/s : Prof. Babji Srinivasan and Prof. Pranab Mohapatra, IIT Gandhinagar

The main focus of this project is towards development of sustainable cyber physical water control and management system 

Objectives and Deliverables: 

  • Phase I: Assessment of existing facility at Kudasan, Gandhinagar: Includes hydrodynamic analysis of the network,  identification of  a cost-effective SCADA system specification, component specification and architecture for Kudasan, Gandhinagar 
  • Phase II: Development of Benchmark system for Gujarat main WDN including monitoring and control of flow, leakages and storage
  • Phase III: Monitoring of Water Distribution in IITGN Campus, using cost effective sensors and 5G Loral communication network to showcase as a model pilot project.
  • Phase IV: Development of transient analysis approaches for water distribution systems to apply to water distribution systems in remote and rural areas
  • Phase V: Develop a simple and efficient distribution system for remote places and leakage detection through optimised sensor placement in the network

About Indian Institute of Gandhinagar and Project Leaders

Project Leader/s : Prof. Babji Srinivasan,  Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar. He has done Ph.D from Texas Tech University 

Prof. Pranab Mohapatra, Professor, Civil Engineering, IIT Gandhinagar. He has done Phd from IIT Kanpur

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  • Mankad, Jaivik; Borse, Dinesh; Das, Laya; Padhiyar, Nitin and Srinivasan, Babji, “Develop. of operational resilience metrics for Water Distribn. systems”, in Resilience, Response, and Risk in Water Systems: Shifting Mgmt. and Natural Forcings paradigms, Switzerland: Springer Nature, 2020. 
  • Rahul M.,  Sai, M., Joshi, A., Das, L, Mohapatra M. and Babji Srinivasan, Sensor placement for Leak Localization in Water Distribn. Networks using Machine Learning accepted for presentation in IEEE sponsored NCON 2020 conf. in Pattaya Thailand, Mar 11-14, 2020,

Further Information :

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